Course Content:
Section I: Art

 Laying foundation- to make art an interesting subject for children from early age
 Fundamentals of teaching age appropriate art and drawing
 Using different art materials- pencils, crayons, paints
 Inspiration from nature, geometry, human & animal figures
 Designing, shading
 Texture work
 Beautiful presentations

Section II: Craft

 Origami- Japanese art of paper folding and making things
 Artistic paper cutting work
 Cardboard Items
 Use of tins, boxes, fabrics, sticks, wool, thermocol etc.
 Creative use of waste materials
Prospective candidates are invited to come personally to see the exhibits of the successful past students. Duration and Time Factor: Total 150 Hours i.e. (approx.) 6 months- if once-a-week 2hr.s class Additional advantage added to this course: Students may extend their training into Art Therapy for children and qualify to become professional child counsellors. A highly valued certificate is awarded for this specialized training and they can practice as child counsellors independently.



About the Course:
This is an applied course preparing the student to
 Teach in any Pre-primary school
 Start own Nursery School
 Tuitions or Coaching Classes

I. 1st Term:
Theory Lectures- Lectures and interactive classes in Early Childhood Development and Psychology Class work and presentation-
i. Journal Work:
Planning lessons to teach nursery rhymes, songs, compositions and stories. Number Work and Alphabets
ii. Art and Craft:
Preparing journal of suitable items for nursery & play groups
iii. Pattern Writing Work:
To initiate children into systematic writing work.
iv. Project Presentation:
Making children interested in school work through attractive presentations.
Timings: Morning batch: 10.30am to 12pm OR 11 to 12.30 pm
Afternoon Batch: 2 to 3.30pm OR 2.30 to 4 pm
Saturday Batch: 10.30 to 12 pm OR 2.30pm to 4pm.
II. 2nd Term: Practical Training:
Duration: Total duration of the course is one full academic year. Approximately 10 months. Timings: 10 am to 1pm (Monday to Friday) Fee Structure: Course Fee is payable in instalments