ECC-Early Childhood Counselling Diploma Course

Class Profile:

For children in the age group- 3 to 10 years (Can be extended to 12 yrs in some cases)

Symptoms inviting psychological intervention:

Aggressive behaviors - Biting, Hitting, Spitting, Throwing, Disobedience, Tearing, Breaking Irregular & undesirable habits related to – Eating, Elimination, Toilet training, Talking, Not mixing with others, non-cooperation, Shyness, Distracting behavior, Stubbornness, Lying. Problems with school work- Lack of concentration, Constant talking, Non-responsive, Failing, Cheating, Stealing, Fighting, Lack of interest in studies, Constant demands.

Course Structure:

Therapeutic Techniques

First Stage:

Play Therapy-Duration about 8 months
Optional extension into-

Second stage:

Art Therapy-Duration about 3 months

Common Course Contents for both stages: Theory
  • Emotional needs of children
  • Importance of parental care, family bondage and feeling of belonging
  • Effect of deprivation and neglect on the child’s development
  • Effect of prenatal experience on emotional life of a child- Mother’s role, father’s role in the child’s life
  • Influence of physical and intellectual environment
  • Qualities required in the counselor
  • Ethics and limitations of the counseling process
Common Course Contents for both stages: Theory
  • Diagnosis and assessment of problem
  • Counseling procedures, techniques and interpretation
  • Interaction with parents and teacher
Specialized First Stage Practical-

Equipment and Play room arrangement; interpretation of observed behavior; application of theory and intervention

Specialized Second Stage Practical-

Presenting art material for expression; interpretation work by the child; intervention

Duration of the course:

4 months + 2 months practical training


3.30 to 5.00 p.m. (twice-a week) OR Saturdays (10.30 to 1.00 p.m.)