What makes Rainbow curriculam so special?

All the five senses help us to learn about things around us. Every subject of our curriculum is approached through all these five senses while teaching our children. E.g. Vocabulary enhancement while teaching about fruits we involve activities like observing the real fruits, seeing their pictures and models, colouring their outline pictures, sticking picture cutouts in their scrape books, preparing fruit salad and eating it too, visiting the market and buying some fruits to carry them home for mummy. Nursery rhymes describing fruits are sung regularly in the class and they are enacted as an action song for the assembly for the parents’ gathering. The names of the fruits are remembered easily through all these activities naturally and effortlessly.
Thus we have used all the five senses i.e. Sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing to make the subject matter understood and remembered through interesting activities.

Facilities & Features

The Place:

    (The school will provide transport if at least three children are attending from a locality.)

The People:

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After Rainbow School:

The thorough training of Rainbow School ensures admission to established high school for every child.