From The Principal's Desk


New Learning Approach


Artistic Work


Fancy Dress


Sports Day


Annual Function


Field trips to interesting places

My school takes me to soooo many nice nice places

(like- Parks, Toy shops, flower shop, market, book store, post office, bus rides or boat ride around Mumbai and such)

So much to see, lots of toys

At the Macdonald & I am loving it

On our way to the market

After a hard day’s work and play

Learning to bargain like mummy

Having fun at Kamla Nehru Park


Music and band playing

...and what’s more I also get to play my own fiddle!

Boost my brain power

Improves my memory

Helps me Socially

It's my Confidence builder


Art and craft lessons

I also learn to portray my Imagination on a piece of paper!

Strengthens Non-Verbal Communication

Improves my Creativity

Develops my Focus

Increases my Dedication


Planting and gardening

Hey… I became a Gardener today!

Sowing Seeds

Putting Some Mud

Learning Nursing Tricks

Taking My New Buddy(Plant) Home!


We celebrate all festivals with enthusiasm

Our school celebrates all festivals (Holi, X-mas, Diwali, Eid, Rakhi, Christmas, Pateti and enjoy particular days like-Kite flying, Govinda…)



Dahi Handi


Tying rakhi by teachers

Kite Flying


Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Santa Claus! Ho ho ho!


Diwali Celebration!


Fancy Dress Competition

I dressed as a Baker for the Fancy dress Competition & won the First Prize. My friends won too! And we all had good time.


Cooking is Sooooo Much Fun....

We cook delicacies and Eat them too!

Learning various recipes

Eating delicacies


Class Activities

I Found My Class Activities Very Interesting...!

Learning Numbers Through Games

My Fellow Classmates

Learning Name of Fruits

Sharing My Tiffin!


Birthday Celebration

School celebrates each child’s birthday individually!

Look at my Cake!

My Birthday Greeting

Party Time!

Birthday Snacks

My Friend's Birthday

My Friend's Birthday


Two assembly functions during the year

Assemblies are a great a fun. We sing, dance, act. Our parents are thrilled to see us performing for the first time in front of a real audience

See there is my Mother

See there is my Teacher

See How I perform!

See How We perform!

See My Friends Performing

I Enjoyed my Performance

All my friends look soo different

We take avatars!


Other Activities

Our Other Activities include Parents Meetings, Traditional Day Celebration, Independence Day & Republic day Celebration, Trip with our Parents, Enjoying Rainy Day, Sports Day, and many more....

Trip With Parents

Enjoying Rainy Day

We Love Rains

Sports Day!

My Daddy The Strongest

Developing Taste Buds

Parents Meeting

Independence Day

See I am a patriot!

I am Star of the Day! Yay!


Color Days

Childhood is like Rainbow. We know different 'colors' of Childhood, so we celebrate every color of Rainbow...

Red day

Green day

Green day

Blue day

Blue day

Orange day

Orange day

Orange day

Yellow day

Yellow day

Purple day

Purple day

Purple day

Purple day

Brown day

Brown day