Rainbow education is for life time

First five years of a child’s life are most crucial. What is engraved on its mind during these years is irrevocable. Foundations for future study habits, concentration capacity, interest in the surroundings and the basic personality patterns are formed during this period. The growing mind of the child is most receptive of all the signals it is exposed to at this age. It is important that we provide proper stimulation to activate its full potential.
In a rush to prepare the child for the admission race, many parents often forget this fundamental need. What is the outcome? The child gets admitted to the best of the school in the city, but looses out on the opportunity to express its full potential.

Rainbow gives every child an opportunity to activate its dormant intelligence potential guiding it towards excellence.

“Play is the child’s path to growth”
Therefore “Learning through play” is the basic concept.

Rainbow School realizes the importance of play in a child’s life, and therefore the curriculum of our school is based on this principle.
A child develops emotionally, intellectually, socially and physically while it is playing. To deprive a child of play is taking away from him/her an opportunity for growth.
All materials and equipment necessary to provide all round growth is made available to every child of this school. Activities related to fostering child’s mental and physical capabilities are a major consideration while forming the school curriculum.
Also keeping in mind the future development, facilities are provided to develop natural interests of the child in our surroundings. This will help to open up dormant potential capabilities of the child's creative mind.
A child is a most curious living being. To nurture this very important characteristic, we at Rainbow School provide a big margin of free play periods in our time table.
Visualizing Rainbow School children growing up into successful, intelligent, creative individuals; we have following curriculum programme prepared for them.

Don’t miss the opportunity to give your child the best possible education for all round growth at Rainbow School through this programme designed by expert child psychologists and educationists.